When the day that was inevitably going to happen finally arrives, the day your car dies for good, it can be a pretty sad goodbye. You just know that this time, it’s headed to the scrap yard. You might be thinking of selling the scrap metal to earn more money than you would for scrapping it, but you are completely wrong. The main component that will probably bring you the most cash is your catalytic converter.

Trust us when we say to leave it in there and scrap your car. Your catalytic converter is the most important component in your car because it controls harmful emissions from your engine through the use of catalyst substances. These substances will cause a chemical reaction that will decrease the amount of harmful engine emissions before they exit through your vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

Without this component, your car will be releasing pollutants like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide, which will affect the environment negatively. It’s typically installed right by the engine because of its ability to work better in higher temperatures. Here are some reasons you should leave it in your car when you go to scrap it:

Catalytic converters are valuable

Catalytic converters are made of a mix of precious metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium. We strongly advise that you don’t try to crack one of these converters open, rather leave it in its place and sell the vehicle to a scrap yard as is. Not to mention that the materials in a catalytic converter are pretty toxic and are technically classified as hazardous waste. They need to be disposed of correctly and recycled with the appropriate equipment by professionals who know what they are doing.

It’s dangerous to try to remove it on your own

Without the right experience or knowledge, you could end up exposing yourself to some harmful materials. Even though you might want to sell your catalytic converter separately for a few extra bucks, removing it without professional help can be a health and safety hazard. If your car is still functional, removing it will further emit these damaging gases that your vehicle will usually emit. Without the catalytic converter, you are exposing yourself and those around you to even more toxic gases, while also further infecting the environment.

You won’t get your money’s worth

Removing it will also impact the total price of the component alone, as well as the whole vehicle when you go to scrap it without a catalytic converter. The price impact will be significant, and you will not end up getting what you truly deserve for your car. It’s much more worth it to scrap your car with it on since you will get more money than if you tried to scrap it without the catalytic converter then the component itself separately. Especially if your car is still operational, it is definitely worth it to just keep it in. You will get a lot more money just selling your vehicle, and it is especially nonsensical to remove it if your car is still functional.

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