Eventually, there comes a day when your car is gone for good. Jumpstarting the engine won’t even bring it back. Not that there’s much of a point, anyway, if the rest of the car is essentially a giant safety hazard. Fortunately, you don’t have to count the entire thing as loss. There are some things that you can do to get rid of your car and earn some money while you’re at it. You can either sell or scrap your car. There are pros and cons to both and in the end, you will have to decide which method you’d like to go for, but here are some reasons that we recommend scrapping:

You’ll save yourself time

Selling your car will take a lot of time and effort. Not only will you need to advertise the car, but you also have to prepare it for viewings, speak to prospective buyers, allow them to test-drive it, and then go through paperwork to transfer the name if someone does buy it. More often than not, the selling process will take a little while. When you choose to scrap, however, you will be able to take your car to the scrapyard, have the car assessed, and exchange your vehicle for the cash equivalent of its scrap value.

That’s it – you’re done! Although you may not always earn as much this way, you will also be able to avoid having to go through long processes and deal with people who teeter between buying and not buying. Additionally, if your car is completely dead, you will most likely have to sell your car for parts, anyway. Therefore, most of the steps associated with selling a car will not apply to your vehicle. You will also get less of your money back if you try to sell your dead car online. You will need to disclose that it is dead, which will definitely cause some buyers to lose interest.

Scrapping is easier

Going to a scrap yard is quick and easy. The process is relatively simple: you bring the car in or get it picked up, take it to the scrap yard, and have them give you a price suitable to your car’s make, model, and weight. Although you might get more money upfront with a private sale, those exchanges often take a lot more time and buyers might not even follow through. By scrapping your car, you will also be saving a ton of money by not having to prepare or repair your car for potential buyers. Scrapping services will often offer help transporting cars and may even be able to pay quite a bit if you have a more valuable car.

Choosing the right option for your vehicle

Deciding on which one is more suitable for you really depends on what you expect from this sale. If you want more money upfront and are willing to go through the selling process, then selling it is the option for you. If you have no idea what else to do with your car and want to get rid of it quickly while making a little bit of cash, scrapping it is your best bet. You will want to consider what outcome you are expecting, roughly how much you want to make, how much time you have, and how willing you are to put time and effort into the selling process if you were to choose to sell it privately.

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