If the time has come where your car has finally died, you might just have to scrap it. If you have had your car for a long time, this can be pretty tough. On the other hand, you might be wondering if you need to go rummaging through your old documents from when you got the car to find any important registrations or log books. Here are some questions followed by answers you might want about documentation and scrapping your car:

Your vehicle registration document

A V5C or your log book is a blue and maroon document that is blue and pale green on the back and will prove that your car is registered with the driver and vehicle licensing agency. It should also name the registered keeper of the car. It is up to the registered keeper of any vehicle to inform the DVLA of any changes in the status of the vehicle, whether it has been taken off the road, scrapped or written off.

When you’ve misplaced your V5C

If you have lost your V5C, the good news is that you can still scrap your car without it since there is no legal requirement to have one at that point. You will, however, still need to register it as scrap, which might be a little more complicated without a V5C, but not impossible. Notify the scrap yard ahead of time and tell them not to expect a V5C from you. You will need to inform the DVLA in writing. Create a document giving them your details such as your name, number, the car’s registration number, make, model, and the date of sale.

Finding the right scrap yard for you

You will need to do some research in order to find the right yard to scrap too. Go online, read reviews, contact them, and ask for information as well as a quote. Make sure you educate yourself on the procedures of removing your name from the soon to be scrapped car so that you are not responsible for any issues that come with it after you have scrapped it. By knowing these procedures, you can feel more assured that you know what to do when picking your scrap yard. Be sure to read reviews, customer testimonials, make calls and get opinions, if possible.

Removing scrap metal

It is crucial that you do not try to remove scrap metal parts from your car in an attempt to get a better overall price. Not only will it significantly bring your car’s scrap value down, but it will not be worth it for you and might actually make you lose money. Scrapping it with all its parts intact is the best way to go. The only way you can get a worthy price out of scrap metal is if a friend does a favor for you because not many will pay any significant amount for parts. A scrap yard is only worth it if all your parts are intact.

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